Character Illustration 1: Valentine's Day (or couples)
Character Illustration 2: Mother's Day (or Mother and Children)
Character Illustration 3: Family (Black)
In regards to the changing pets, My client told me after seeing the sketch that he would like to see a pet added into the illustration. Since I had already drawn a dog for the white family, I decided to add in a cat instead. They told me then that they would rather have a dog, so I researched the most popular dog breeds in African American families, and discovered that a Boxer was the third highest African American owned dog. I think Boxers are adorable , so decided to sketch one into the scene (took a lot of work to get it to look just right). Then the client decided that they liked the dog I had drawn in the white family sketch better, so I took the dog sketch from there and added it to the final illustration. However, I kept the sketches of the cat and the boxer in case I wanted to use it in any future character illustrations.
Character Illustration 3: Family (White - unfinished)
I had begun working on the white family illustration due to a misunderstanding from a previous conversation where the client told me he would rather me work on the white family first and then work on other ethnicities later. After sending in sketches for the white family and hearing their selection, they told me that they would like to add a black family to the contract. I agreed, and began working on the black family as seen above. After sending in the revision sketch for the white family, I was then informed that they would rather I shelf the white family and work on the black family instead. I have saved the sketches and revisions in case they would like me to finish it at a later date, or so I can finish it and send it to them for purchase if desired.
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